Live Streaming Weddings

Thanks to modern day advances in technology, your friends and family back home who were not able to join you on your special day at The Little Vegas Chapel still has the opportunity to be with you virtually! With our online stream service, you are able to send the link of your wedding to anyone anywhere in the world!

The Little Vegas Chapel offers stream services so that your guests from home can enjoy your ceremony right alongside you! Our streaming is user-friendly and very easy to start up. A link will be provided to you to forward to anyone and everyone you wish to see your ceremony immediately after your ceremony. No additional applications will be needed to download!

How to Stream your Vegas Wedding

The live stream of your ceremony can only be viewed by those that are lucky enough to receive the link from you! You are welcome to send it to everyone or just your closest friends and family. Can’t make it to the Vegas wedding? Make sure to ask about our internet stream!

The stream link that is provided to you after your ceremony is the only thing your family and friends will need in order to view your wedding! Viewing your Vegas wedding can be done on a computer, laptop, or smartphone device. Our friendly staff at the Little Vegas Chapel is always available to help with any troubleshooting with your ceremony stream.

Our streaming can be viewed anywhere around the world!! With the purchase of your stream service, we will keep your ceremony video up for a total of 30 days after your big day. The 30-day extended viewing will let you or your friends and family watch your wedding over and over again for an unlimited time!

How to Add Streaming to Your Ceremony

Want to add internet streaming to your ceremony? Let us know! After your ceremony, the team at The Little Vegas Chapel will upload a high definition video of your ceremony to a trusted site. After your ceremony, you will receive a link that you can then forward to your friends and family who did not get the opportunity to celebrate with you during. Your page can only be accessed by those you forward the website to.

If you would like to add this service to your reservation, just give us a call! We are always happy to walk you through the steps and troubleshooting as well.