Ready To Get Married?

If you are ready to get married in Las Vegas, there is one key element you will need for the marriage to be legal: a licensed minister. The Little Vegas Chapel provides everything you need for your special day, including on-site ministers. We can perform a traditional wedding ceremony, mixed-faith ceremonies, and even fun wedding ceremonies like an Elvis themed wedding. Our minister’s have performed thousands of legal weddings in Las Vegas. We are always focused on providing our guests with the best marriage ceremony in the West. Here are a few things you need to get started:

Book your wedding package

Purchase a wedding license

Show up for your special day!

That’s all it takes to get married in Las Vegas at The Little Vegas Chapel. We believe in keeping the process of planning a wedding simple to ensure our guests can have a great time without all the stress!

Why You Need a Marriage License in Nevada

When it comes to Las Vegas weddings, the state of Nevada has certain rules that must be followed for the wedding to be legally recognized. Our minister will sign the marriage license, thereby showing the marriage is valid in all 50 states and every country around the world.

Both partners will need to go in person to the Clark County Marriage License Bureau to obtain a marriage license. To prove your identity, you must provide a government issued valid photo identification, such as a driver’s license or a passport. You will then pay the state of Nevada for the license. After obtaining the marriage license, bring that documents to The Little Vegas Chapel where we will take care of the rest including recording the certificate with the local official to make your marriage legal.

How Much Does a Minister Cost?

Purchasing a wedding package with The Little Vegas Chapel will pay for the cost of a quality Las Vegas minister or wedding officiant. One important element in selecting a minister is to make sure they are someone that you feel comfortable with to perform your wedding. Take a moment to browse our reviews to get an idea of our amazing ministers and their ability to make a wedding incredible!

Can I Use My Own Minister in Las Vegas?

There are many couples who prefer to have a close friend or family member perform their marriage ceremony. We do allow couples to have their friend of family member perform the wedding as long as they have been legally ordained by the State of Nevada to perform as their minister. The State of Nevada normally requests at least 30 days to process minister applications. When ordained with the State of Nevada, you will have your minister status for one year. The outside minister’s fee is just an additional $150 to your selected package. Your minister must provide their Certificate of Authority to Solemnize Marriages as well as their Minister’s Identification Card to the chapel before your ceremony.

If you are requesting an Elvis Themed wedding, we will need to discuss the minister details with you for the ceremony to be perfected. We can provide guidance on how to perform the wedding ceremony properly to ensure all legal requirements are met. A themed wedding needs to be carefully planned out for it to be perfect.

The Little Vegas Chapel specializes in making dream weddings come true! Contact our Las Vegas wedding chapel to discuss minister duties or to book your wedding package  today!