Congratulations on your engagement! Are you ready to start planning your dream Las Vegas wedding? At The Little Vegas Chapel, we are here to make your dream wedding a reality! We understand how overwhelming planning your wedding can be, so let us help. Your first step in getting married in Las Vegas is getting your marriage license!

Before heading to The Little Vegas Chapel for your vegas wedding, you must obtain a marriage license!

How to Get a Marriage License in Las Vegas

The Little Vegas Chapel makes it easy and stress free to get married in Las Vegas! In order to have a legally binding ceremony, you must obtain a marriage license from a Marriage License Bureau in Nevada. There is only one marriage license office you can go to in Las Vegas to get your marriage license!

Your first step is to fill out the Clark County Marriage License Pre-Application online.

When you and your partner arrive in Las Vegas, we recommend one of the first things to do is obtaining your marriage license!

Go to the Clark County Marriage License Bureau

The Clark County Marriage License Bureau is located on the ground floor of the Regional Justice Center. The Justice Center is found in Downtown Las Vegas at 201 E. Clark Avenue Las Vegas, NV 89101.

Photo Identification

The both of you will need to provide valid, government issued photo identification to the Marriage License Bureau. Acceptable forms of valid photo identification include: driver’s license, passport, resident alien identification card, or military ID.

Marriage License Cost

You will need to pay roughly $77 for a marriage license in Las Vegas. The Marriage License Bureau accepts cash, credit cards, traveler’s checks, cashier’s checks, and money orders.

Tie The Knot!

Once you have the marriage license, head down to The Little Vegas Chapel for your wedding ceremony!

Common Questions About Marriage Licenses in Las Vegas

Marriage licenses are valid for one year after the issue date. This means you are able to get the marriage license paperwork signed by an officiant at any time within 1 year of the date you purchased the license.

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age to get married. Applicants who are 16 – 17 must have parental or legal guardian consent. If you have additional questions about obtaining a marriage license in Las Vegas, give The Little Vegas Chapel a call. Our team is here to provide you with the information you need to ensure you have a dream wedding.

In a Hurry? Save Time With Online Applications

If it weren’t already stress free enough, Las Vegas has made it a even more simple to get married in Las Vegas! The Marriage License Bureau has a convenient website for you to utilize before picking up the marriage license.For a seamless process, we recommend you fill out your marriage application online. This way, you will not need to waste time at the courthouse waiting for an available computer they have in the lobby to fill out the application.If you are obtaining a marriage license following a divorce, annulment, or widowhood, you will need to have the date of the final decree and the city and state where the decree was granted. If you are in the final stages of divorce, you will not be allowed to obtain a marriage license until the final decree is pronounced.The Little Vegas Chapel is ready to help you with your wedding! Browse through our wedding packages, book online, and get ready to party in Las Vegas.

Ordering Your Proof of Marriage

After your ceremony, your minister has 10 days to file your marriage license with the Clark County Recorder’s Office. After those 10 days, you are able to use the Clark County Recorder’s Office website to order the proof of marriage. Normally, the license will be available for order soon after it has been recorded.

The Certified Copy (Proof of Marriage) will be sent by standard mail through the US Post Office. Shipping domestically may take up to 7-10 business days until you receive your order, and up to 6 weeks for international shipping.

You are able to order the license in person as well at the following address: 200 Lewis Avenue, 5th Floor Las Vegas, NV 89101.

Get Your Proof of Marriage Faster

The Little Vegas Chapel offers an Expedited License Processing service which includes the Certified Copy of Marriage License. This service allows us to file your marriage license 1 business day after your ceremony (Friday and Saturday licenses will be filed on the following Monday). Your proof of marriage will be available for pick up at our chapel the next business day by 5pm!

If you are unable to pick up the license the following business day, we would be happy to ship your proof of marriage to you as well. For priority mail shipping in the United States, it is just an additional $20. Please contact us at 702-385-5683 for international shipping rates.